Borehole Logging


Typically used to gather data about physical parameter variations along the length of the borehole. Most common logged physical parameters are density, magnetic susceptibility, conductivity, radioactivity and sonic velocities. Different physical parameters apply to different tasks and to different types of deposits.


Logging data provides information of lithological units and boundaries (e.g. ore vs. no ore) as well as mechanical properties of the rock.


Logging can be done down to depth of 2400 meters. Borehole diameter can vary from 40 mm to very large depending of the used probe. Some of the methods require water filling, some logging can be done in dry bore or drill holes.


Please, see our comprehensive Borehole Logging equipment from equipment listing. If you can’t find desired geophysical or any other equipment from our selection, please let us know. We have excellent connections to rental agencies and pools. Our crew has comprehensive experience of various geophysical equipment.


Client will always receive quality assured raw data from the loggings. Additionally, we are able to do processing, analysis and reporting of the results.

Reporting to requested level as well as orientation of the client to the survey results will be done as requested.

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