Borehole TEM


Typically used for locating and indicating massive metallic ores in borehole proximity. Method is based on contrast between the conductive metallic ore and more resistive host rock.


Borehole TEM method is effective for locating the deep conductive deposits. TEM method is effective in guiding the following exploration acts, especially deep core drilling. Compared with the gound TEM method, smaller deposits can be located as in the borehole the receiver is closer to the target. Dimensions and dip can be defined more accurately as well.


Separate transmitter and receiver are needed. As the transmitting loop is laid on the ground, the receiving 3-conponent magnetometer is moved in the bore hole. Static loop survey configuration is applied, multiple different size loops can be used. Loop size varies along the target depths. Survey can be done down to depth of 2400 meters.


Please, see our comprehensive Borehole TEM equipment from equipment listing. If you can’t find desired geophysical or any other equipment from our selection, please let us know. We have excellent connections to rental agencies and pools. Our crew has comprehensive experience of various geophysical equipment.


Client will always receive quality assured raw data from the surveys. Additionally, we are able to the data processing and modelling work. Reporting to requested level as well as orientation of the client to the survey results will be done as requested.

The final product of borehole TEM can be 3D model of the deposit.

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